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Dear Springville 3rd Grade Parents/Guardians,

The Springville Elementary School is continuing its successful program called Jump Start June. The purpose of this interdisciplinary program is to provide all third-grade students at Springville Elementary School with a “ into fourth-grade reading material prior to leaving school for the summer break.  If you are away this summer and want to access the materials here on our website from any location.

The third and fourth grade teachers collaborated on the best way to bridge student learning activities from the end-of-the-school year to September.  One of the first literature selections in our fourth-grade Journeys program is a heartwarming and sensitive story about a young girl’s relationship with her dog entitled, by Kate DiCamillo. Fourth-grade teachers will meet with all of the third-grade students and set the stage for this exciting summer program. 

During the last weeks of school, our third-grade teachers will present the book to the students and begin to engage them in standards-based literature discussions.  The program will include text-dependent questions, new vocabulary, critical thinking, and mathematical problem-solving activities. With this interdisciplinary approach, students will integrate skills and knowledge from two or more content areas.

Students will receive all materials prior to leaving school for the summer.  In addition, there will be information and several resources posted on Springville School’s web page.

One of the key expectations for this program is for students to engage in literature over the summer that has a direct correlation with learning goals in September.  Insight into the reading, writing, mathematical, and literary analysis skills of their incoming students will allow fourth grade teachers to “hit the ground running”. It will also be an important opportunity for students to present their learning to their new teachers.

Springville third and fourth-grade teachers are very excited about this two-grade collaborative project and have worked hard to prepare meaningful summer learning.  Jump-Start June proved to be very successful last year. Students arrived at school eager and ready to engage in exciting and purposeful learning. We are asking for your support and hope that you will encourage your child to read and engage in the learning activities in .  Please review your child’s reading/mathematics activities and, if possible, discuss the story with him/her.

Because of Winn-Dixie is on loan to your child and his/her book # is recorded with your child’s teacher. Your child is expected to return the following by Friday, September 6: (There will be a $5.00 charge for any book not returned.)

  • Because of Winn-Dixie novel

  • Trifold booklets #1, 2, 3 – Literature activities

  • Mathematics problem-solving booklet

  • Vocabulary booklet

The summer months are a perfect opportunity to create a lifelong love of literature.  We are hopeful that Springville’s program will provide the perfect opportunity to bridge learning between grade levels, as well as enrich and extend your child’s reading experiences. The fourth grade teachers have some wonderful culminating learning activities planned for September.  We are very excited to share this interdisciplinary experience with your child!


Dr. Gailen Mitchell, Principal

Third and Fourth Grade Teachers